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Workplace charging solutions

Power up your workplace with electric vehicle charging. We offer a wide range of EV charging solutions for workplaces, with a selection of charging options to choose from. 

Our workplace chargers are compatible with all EV models and offer a variety of smart features to optimise on costs, energy and sustainability.

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The benefits of workplace EV charging

Offer universal charging

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More and more employees and customers are switching from petrol to electric vehicles. With a variety of electric vehicles coming in and out of your workplace premises, give every driver the opportunity to charge their vehicle. 

We install a range of EV chargers for the workplace, with various speed and feature options available.

All of our chargers are fully compatible with all electric vehicles, offering reliable and easy EV charging for streamlined workplace productivity.

Give staff a place to plug in and work

car iconWith dedicated workplace chargers, employees can simply plug in their electric vehicle and start working. EV charging is now essential to meet your employees’ needs.

Staff can charge as they work, minimising any disruption to their day and encouraging a more straightforward work-life balance.

With a chargepoint waiting for employees at work, staff won’t need to worry about the journey to or home from work.

Stay in control of costs

money iconProvide EV charging at your workplace with full control of costs and user access. Our EV charger range includes a variety of smart control features that let employers:

  • Set charging schedules
  • Control access with locking features
  • Optimise costs with energy efficient modes
  • Track travel expense reporting

The cost of charging an electric vehicle is significantly lower than expensing petrol car costs, making electric company cars a hugely cost-effective investment.

Reduce vehicle emissions

plant iconStrive to be a more sustainable business and reach CSR targets with workplace EV charging. With an electric car charging zone, staff are encouraged to make the switch towards more sustainable vehicles. 

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more critical, with UK workplaces making a significant contribution to CO2 emissions. Reduce your workplace’s vehicle emissions to zero by switching to electric vehicles.

Our OZEV approved workplace chargers include a range of environmentally friendly features:

Attract and retain top talent

People connecting iconIncrease staff acquisition and staff retention with workplace charging benefits. As the UK makes the move towards electric, make sure your workplace does too.

EV charging at work provides complete convenience for your workforce and can increase your recruitment proposition. Providing benefits and perks, any current and prospective employees can work comfortably knowing that their employer is catering to their transportation needs.

Enhance your brand image

brand iconThe workplace is the home of your brand. With workplace EV charging, put your green marketing proposition into practice. 

As the world becomes more focused on sustainable working, living and consumption, it pays to progress towards a greener future.

Workplace charging with Joltify

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Straightforward installation

Our installers are highly experienced and knowledgeable, with a reputation for excellent customer service. 

We have the expertise to help you make the most of your workplace charging experience, with advice on costs, features and charger models.

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A future proof investment

Workplace EV charging is a risk-free investment to a better future. The UK is on the road to becoming fully electric, with bans on petrol and diesel car sales coming into action as soon as 2030.

We are here to take the journey with you, with support from our expert engineers throughout the installation process and beyond.

Get workplace EV charger installation with Joltify

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Our workplace EV chargers

We supply and install a collection of EV charging stations specifically approved for commercial properties. Our commercial charging stations are workplace charging scheme approved and manufactured by the UK’s leading EV charging brands, with engineering and technology that your customers can count on.

Andersen Oak nearly black


Create a high end experience for customers and guests with the impressive Andersen A2. Designed to combine style and technology for smart commercial EV charging.

Power output: 7kW or 22kW
Smart charging
OZEV Approved
Charger and workplace installation from £1595
Zappi 207UB - EV Charger


Offload your business’s carbon footprint with Zappi’s fantastic eco charging features. Perfect for attracting the eco-conscious consumer and running your business responsibly.

Power output 7kW or 22kW
Smart charging
OZEV Approved
Charger and workplace installation from £1295
Hypervolt Home 2.0 Black


Explore the power of HYDRA. Made to provide your customers and guests with fast charging solutions, with a range of colours and models to choose from.

Power output 7kW or 22kW
Smart charging
OZEV Approved
Charger and workplace installation from £1095


Quick and easy to install, the Easee charger makes commercial charging, well, easy. This sleek charger adapts seamlessly to supplies and mains allowing 101 units to be installed on one circuit.

Power output: 7kW or 22kW
Smart charging
OZEV Approved
Charger and workplace installation from £1295
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Have a question?

Aren’t sure which charger is best for your business charging requirements? There are a huge range of business EV charging features to choose from that we can advise on. Get in touch.

OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme

Save up to £15,000 on your workplace EV charger installation with the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme.

The government grant offers up to £350 off per socket, as long as certain criteria is met by your workplace premises and installer:

Your workplace chargers must be installed by an OZEV approved installer, like Joltify.

You must have off-street private parking in order to install your chargepoint and claim WCS funding

You have applied for a WCS voucher through the government website.

There are additional sets of criteria depending on the size of your company, and the sector you operate in. Find out more about the Workplace Charging Scheme.

The OZEV grant rules are changing

As of March 31st 2022, the OZEV grant rules undergo significant changes that may impact your eligibility for workplace EV charging funding.

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Home EV Charging

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Commercial EV Charging

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Apartment EV Charging

Want to install EV chargers for your tenants, establishing a new stream of revenue while increasing the value of your property?

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