Claim up to £350 per charger socket with the OZEV workplace grant

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), is a government grant scheme that supports businesses in the UK with the upfront costs of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle chargepoint. The Workplace Charging Grant offers up to £350 off installation costs for each charger socket, with a total of £15,000 available as long as an applicant meets certain criteria. From 31st March 2022, the scheme is expanding to provide more support for SMEs, charities and small accommodation businesses. If you are eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme, your business can claim up to 75% of the cost of a new workplace charging point at your work premises, capped at different costs depending on the business type. The OZEV Workplace Grant offers a solution to one of the biggest obstacles for businesses and commuters looking to make the switch to electric vehicles; the cost of the infrastructure to install electric charge points. To support the ownership of electric vehicles, both at home and at work, the government established the OZEV Workplace Grant so that businesses are facilitated to buy and install EV chargers so people can charge their vehicles at work. Offering the ability to charge cars at work can encourage your staff to purchase electric vehicles which in turn, will work towards decarbonising the UK transport systems and reducing air pollution. The Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS) grant is suitable for any business looking to work in the cleanest way possible. Whether you own a fleet of vehicles for business or want to encourage your staff to reduce their carbon emissions when commuting, you could be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme.
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The Workplace Charging Scheme process

WCS application process 1

1. Apply for the WCS grant using the government’s online form

WCS application process 2

2. Receive your voucher code and share it with your installer

WCS application process 3

3. Joltify, or your chosen installer will install your EV charging stations

WCS application process 4

4. Once your installation is complete, receive your WCS funding!

How do you qualify for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

In 2022, there will be significant changes to the OZEV Workplace grant criteria. The main changes to the eligibility criteria will make the scheme available to B&Bs, SMEs, small accommodation businesses, charities & owners of commercially let properties. As well as this, landlords, social housing providers, and owners of apartment blocks can also claim the grant. These changes to the criteria come into force after 31st March 2022. 

There are a number of requirements to qualify for the OZEV Workplace grant, and it depends on the type of business you have and the premises. We’ve broken down these further. 

For SMEs: 

  • You must be a registered business with HMRC, with less than 250 employees
  • The business premises must have associated private parking
  • You can claim a maximum of £15,000 per building towards the cost of installing charge points 
  • You can claim a maximum of 5 grants, but there is no limit on the number of chargepoint sockets installed at each site
  • The grant amount is dependent on how many parking bays are being provisioned: up to £850 is available with a charge point and up to £500 is available if a bay is provisioned with supporting infrastructure 
  • A minimum of 5 bays must be provisioned, and at least one of these must have a working chargepoint

For Small Accommodation Businesses including B&Bs, charities and campsites: 

  • You must be a registered charity or accommodation business with HMRC with less than 250 employees
  • You can claim a maximum of 40 grants
  • You can claim a maximum of £350 per socket towards the cost of installation of a charge point
  • The site must have off-street parking

For Commercially-let Property Owners:

  • You must be a registered business or a public authority. If you are a private entity, you must be registered with HMRC
  • The property for the charge point installation must be a commercially let unit and have parking associated with it
  • You can claim up to £350 per socket towards the cost of installation 
  • You can have a maximum of 100 applications per year per applicant
  • The charge point must be installed in private parking spaces that are reserved either for staff or fleet

Applications will be available to be submitted online via the new digital platform for OZEV WCS grants in early 2022, replacing the previous paper based system. Before proceeding with your application, consider the following basic requirements:

  • You must install an OZEV approved chargepoint. Most of the EV chargers we install are OZEV approved but if you are unsure if your charger is approved or not, get in touch
  • You must use an OZEV approved installer, like Joltify.

How do you claim your OZEV Workplace grant?

To claim your WCS grant, you must apply via the government online application form. If you are successful, you will then be issued a voucher code via email that can be given to any approved EV charger installer, like Joltify. 

Joltify, or your chosen installer will then claim the grant on your behalf after installation. The EV charger installation must be completed and the voucher must be claimed within 6 months of being issued to you. We’ll ensure to keep you informed during the process of your claim and deduct the grant amount from your final invoice

It is not possible for Joltify or any other approved EV charger installers to approve your grant application, only the government has the ability to do so. We are able to assist all customers who are eligible and are interested in the grant with their application process and has experience in doing so.

Apply for the OZEV Workplace Charge Scheme

1. Complete your online application.

2. You will receive a voucher code via email, which you will present to your chosen OZEV approved installer, like Joltify.

3. The installer will then process your claim once your installation has been completed.

Have a question? Get in touch.

Benefits of workplace electric charging stations:

As the UK strives towards becoming solely electric, it will be crucial for businesses and workplaces to offer their staff the ability to charge their vehicles at work. As cars are parked idle at work for long periods of time, charging at work can provide a long charge period at a low cost.  Key benefits include:
  • Offering staff electric charging at work
  • Saving on fuel costs for commercial vehicles
  • Minimising your company CO2 emissions and reaching sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals 

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