Joltify was built from a concept and belief, David and I could build a business being truly different from our now “competitors” in the EV installation business. We wanted to build a business going against everything that was the stereotypical perception people have of tradespeople and trades companies. 

We wanted to build a business that was fair, honest, transparent and did exactly what it said it was going to do. We wanted to build a business that refused to use subcontractors who don’t care about the job they’re doing and only use an employed team where each and every employee in the business, has a vested interest in doing what’s right for the customer and not doing something for short term gain. Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to build a team that treated your home like their own and did an installation that was completed in the neatest, least disruptive and safest way possible using engineers you would sit down and happily have a cup of tea with and trust in your home.

With both of Joltify’s founders having extensive high-end retail and field management experience we believe we are uniquely equipped to make this dream happen and have the skill set to bring our retail, management and customer service experience into an industry that was crying out for a gap to be filled.

Being close friends, we toyed with the idea for about a year and over time, looked at what our competitors were doing, we found there were 3 types of companies doing EV installations, 1) independent electricians, 2) Aggregators who were normally based up north and simply subbed the job out to an electrician they have never even meet, 3) The big boys who again subbed out the jobs and simply couldn’t keep up with demand. We then started to test the experience and found it to be an unpleasant, complicated process with the customer having to take multiple photos, do drawings of the layout of their home, look at fuse types and be prepared for multiple “extras” etc etc. We knew we could do it better and easier, a few months later, Joltify was born!

Being a couple of months down the road, we have now completed multiple installations and have had reviews any customer service driven business would be proud of, reflecting exactly what our vision for the business is which is fantastic. We are now working with the local community to find individuals to join our team and have a carbon neutral business actively trying to support the community and be as diverse as possible.

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