One of the questions people often ask is why do they need a home charger and what are the top features and benefits that they can bring.  We have listed below some of the benefits and perks that home chargers can bring to you.

Although some public charging stations are free to use, they lack the convenience of home charging, you never know if they will be available or working and there’s always a risk you will have to wait for somebody else to finish charging before you can use it, not to mention, you may have to leave your vehicle away from home to collect it later after it’s charged, or perhaps even worse, a non EV may simple be using that spot!

Although you can charge a car using a standard domestic 3-pin socket, it is a very slow process, using a standard household socket it will take around 26 hours to charge your EV if it has a large capacity battery such as an E-tronTron from 10 to 80%, A modern 7kW unit will take a Nissan Leaf from flat to full in about four hours, easily achievable during an overnight or working-day charge.

Some of the most sophisticated units such as OHME chargers, can be set to charge your vehicle only when energy is at the cheapest and will only charge what you need for your next days commute maximising potential cost savings.

We install Zappi chargers that are specifically designed to work with solar panels utilising their use and efficiency.

Having an EV charging point installed by a government approved installer such as Joltify can make the cost of installation cheaper than you may think, with the government currently giving a grant of up to 75% of the installation cost to maximum contribution of £350.

Most home chargers are available as tethered and untethered units offering the flexibility to choose between convenience and practicality. Having a tethered unit means you simply plug the other end of the cable into your car rather than having to get one out the boot everytime you charge up, having an un tethered unit means more flexibility with different cables types being available.

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