As we move into a sustainable future, we’re seeing green technologies become more and more accessible. With the government introducing new incentives and restrictions, now is the best time to get on board and future-proof your home.

Green technology is an investment, and with the right decisions it will doubtless save you money in the long run. Once it comes to selling your property, sustainable tech is bound to make it more appealing to new buyers, too. So, let’s get started.

The Green Technologies We’re Going to Cover:

  • Solar Panels
  • EV Charger
  • Heat Pumps
  • Home Battery Storage
  • Smart Technologies
  • Insulation

Solar Panels

Solar panels give you the ability to generate a renewable source of energy with your own home. It’s one of the best green investments to future-proof your home. Solar helps to cut down your energy bills with a sustainable source of power.

Solar adoption is growing by the day as prices have become more affordable than ever. There are also a number of government incentives you can take advantage of to reduce costs further. On top of this, the ability to sell excess energy back to the grid means that you can recover costs over time. You can read more in our guide to get the most out of solar.

Solar panels future-proofing British home with renewable energy

EV Charger

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petrol and diesel engines. The market is taking off in a big way, and EV chargers are needed to keep them moving. With your own EV charger you can make sure your vehicle is always charged and ready to go from.

In the UK, the sale of petrol and diesel engines is set to end in 2035. On top of this, ⅔ of worldwide sales are expected to be electric by 2040. As the market shifts towards EVs to combat climate change, your own charger is a key investment to future-proof your house. While public chargers are bound to be available, nothing beats the convenience and certainty of one for your own home. We can help choose the right EV charger for you.

Home EV Charger helping to future-proof home with easy EV charging

Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer a greener alternative to central heating, using the ground or air around your home to keep it warm. They operate like a refrigerator or air conditioner does, but in reverse, using refrigerants to move heat from one place to another. Heat pumps are particularly well-suited to temperate climates like the UK’s, and can also be used as an alternative to air conditioning.

Natural gas heating contributes to nearly 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, so a greener alternative is integral to hitting climate targets. As a result, heat pumps are key to a carbon-zero future, both in Britain and worldwide.


Another way to keep your home warm with less fossil fuels is through upgrading your insulation. Better insulation allows you to heat your home with less electricity, keep it warmer for longer and save money.

Depending on when your home was built, you may be lacking in insulation in any number of areas, whether it be in the walls, floors or pipes. It’s a problem faced by many homes across the UK, where lofts in particular are often lacking. As insulation doesn’t require electricity to maintain, it’s one of the best ways to keep your home warm more sustainably.

Home Battery Storage

Battery storage helps you to optimise your home energy use, giving you the ability to store electricity for when you need it most. As well as offering backup in the event of a power cut, batteries also allow you to store off-peak power for use at peak times. They’re a great option to future-proof your energy use.

They are an essential accompaniment to other green technologies, but can also be used with electricity from the grid. Battery installations are portable, which means you can take your battery with you if you decide to move properties. We can help you to choose the right battery for your needs.

A home battery storage system that future-proofs home's energy use

Smart Technology

With the aid of smart technology, you can take control of your home from your smartphone. From thermostats to plug sockets, smart tech is another upgrade that makes it easier to get the most out of your energy. It makes it easy to ensure energy is only powering specific appliances when it’s needed.

For example, smart light bulbs can be turned off and adjusted remotely, while smart metres make it easier to monitor your energy and heating use. More smart technologies are emerging by the day, and through investing in them, you can find ways to optimise your energy use further.