The first thing that many new plug-in and hybrid car owners think about is how to charge their new electric vehicle. 

For those with a driveway, a dedicated home EV charger is the most popular choice, offering the most convenient and reliable way to charge an electric vehicle at home.

More firms than ever are developing impressive new home EV chargers. With so much choice, trying to find the best home EV charger for your electric vehicle and lifestyle needs can be a challenge.

There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing your charger. Finding the best home EV charger not only offers you the most convenient charge, but it can also save you money…

From charging speeds, smart features, ease of use, style and more – there are a whole range of smart charging options to choose from. 

This guide will help you find the best home EV charger to suit your needs. Discover the best ways to charge your vehicle at home as we dive into some of the UK’s favourite EV chargers.

How to choose the best home EV charger

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When choosing the best home EV charger, it’s useful to consider which aspects of EV charging are most important to you. Your choice of EV charger should depend on the kind of charging speed, style and smart features you require.

Charging speeds

Charge points that offer faster charging speeds make home charging even more convenient.

  • Basic EV chargers begin with a power output of 3 to 3.7kW and connect to a domestic 3 pin point socket. These slower chargers can take up to 13 hours to fully charge a standard 40kW electric vehicle.
  • Smart EV chargers are purposely designed for home EV charging, offering faster charging speeds. Average power outputs range from 7 to 7.4kW and typically take under 6 hours to charge a standard 40kW electric vehicle.

Smart charger features

Many of the best home EV chargers come with impressive smart charging features. These features help you save on costs, optimise energy usage and charge more sustainably. Key smart charging features include:

  • Scheduled charging – charge your car when energy costs are at their lowest.
  • Smartphone app connectivity – most modern smart chargers can be controlled remotely from a smartphone app. Connect to your charger via bluetooth or WiFi to monitor and adjust energy usage, costs and schedules.
  • Solar panel compatibility – several home EV chargers can draw power from your house’s solar generated energy supply.
  • Built in PEN protection – protective earthed neutral (PEN) detection removes the need to install an earth rod and makes EV chargers much safer.
  • Dynamic power balancing – balances the energy usage between your EV charging unit and the rest of the electric appliances in your home.

Best home EV chargers in the UK

Zappi 207UB

Zappi 207UB - EV Charger

The Zappi 207UB is often cited as the UK’s favourite home EV charger. It provides a fantastically well-rounded charging experience, with fast charging capabilities and a range of sustainable charging options.

Power output 7kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – myEnergi
Power balancingYes
PEN protectionYes
Best forEnvironmental features

This Zappi charger has a fast power output of 7kW, and is complete with several eco-friendly features. It has three interchangeable charging modes: eco, eco plus, and fast.

You can also easily connect to the Zappi 207UB using the myEnergi smartphone app. This is a great app for controlling your charging costs, schedules and much more. 

As the world’s first solar EV charger, this innovative model is one of the UK’s best home EV chargers for environmental impact. Its impressive eco modes allow users to charge their electric vehicles using solar energy, or combine this with standard grid energy. 

So, if your home is fitted with solar panels, or soon to be fitted, the Zappi 207UB is one of the best EV chargers to make full use of your eco-friendly energy.

Although, even if your home is without solar power, its eco modes use up surplus energy from your home, ensuring no energy is wasted. Plus, saves costs on the energy bill!

Hypervolt Home 2.0

Hypervolt Home 2.0 White

The Hypervolt Home 2.0 offers fast EV charging with a range of smart features to optimise your home charging experience. Using an integrated mobile app, set charging schedules and view energy cost reports to keep your running costs under control.

Power output 7kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – Hypervolt App
Power balancingYes
PEN protectionYes
Best forGreat all-rounder

The cost-saving app can be used remotely, so you can optimise your electric car charge wherever you are. 

You don’t have to be home, so you could set, pause, or schedule your charge whilst out and about. It is available in a range of stunning colours, too, so you’ll be able to match your Hypervolt with the style of your home or electric car.

Easee One


The Easee One is one of the most stylish and compact EV chargers available, with a futuristic and sleek design. Not only does it look great, it performs exceptionally well – offering a fast charging power output of 7kW.

Power output 7kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – Easee app
Power balancingYes
PEN protectionYes
Best forStyle and environmental impact

As a light and compact EV charger, the Easee One is manufactured sustainably. The sustainable manufacturing process saves an average of 4kg of copper and plastic per charger that is produced. 

As a result, the Easee One weighs just 1.5kg and its manufacturing produces less waste, carbon and surplus material than most other chargers.

As well as environmentally friendly production, this charger has a fantastic range of smart charging features to reduce its impact on the environment. From charge scheduling and power adjustment, the Easee One is a fantastic eco-friendly EV charger.

Andersen A2


The Andersen A2 delivers a powerful charging experience, with a range of finishes and colour options to choose from.  

This is one of the best EV chargers for customisability. It comes in 12 different colours, meaning you’re sure to find one that matches your car and home.  

Power output 7kW or 22kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – Konnect+ app
Power balancingYes – plus solar & grid galancing
PEN protectionYes
Best forStyle, speed and environmental impact

The Andersen A2 is capable of fast charging, with a standard 7kW single phase power output, as well as a 22kW charge option delivered through 3-phase electricity supply. With the powerful Konnect+ smartphone app, take advantage of smart features such as scheduled charging, remote locking and charge monitoring.

However, most UK homes only support a single phase charge, and do not support 22kW 3 phase chargers. 

This provides one of the best home EV chargers for speed, and not only powers up your electric vehicle with ease, but looks impeccable too.

EO Mini Pro 2

EO Mini Pro - EV Charger

The EO Mini Pro 2 is one of the best EV home chargers for ease of use. It has a moderate installation cost in comparison to other chargers, and has a simple interface. Simply plug in and charge.

Power output 7.2kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – EO app
Power balancingYes 
PEN protectionYes
Best forSpeed, cost and size

Ohme Home Pro

Ohme Home Pro Product Image

For an edge in charging speeds without the higher installation costs, the Ohme Home Pro is a fantastic EV charger choice offering power outputs of 7.4kW.

Power output 7.4kW
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – Ohme app
Power balancingYes 
PEN protectionYes
Best forSpeed, cost and size

Home EV charging speeds can make a significant difference to your electric car driving experience. Fast chargers are typically characterised by a power output of 7kW or more. 

The Ohme Home Pro not only offers a fast 7.4kW charging speed, but also integrates with a smart mobile app where you can optimise on charging speeds, costs and schedules.

Project EV Pro Earth

Project EV Pro Earth Charger

The Project EV Pro Earth offers smart and easy EV charging at more moderate installation costs. It provides EV owners with full control over energy usage, all from the free mobile app.

Power output 7.3W
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityNo
Smartphone appYes – Project EV app
Power balancingYes 
PEN protectionYes
Best forSpeed and installation cost

Decide exactly when you want to charge your EV, controlling your energy consumption throughout the day in realtime. 

All remotely from the mobile app. This impressive level of control helps keep costs and energy metering low, helping you avoid going overboard on your energy tariffs.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Black

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a fantastic all round home EV charging system. It is small and compact with a 7.4kW power output. It has useful cost tracking, energy usage and charge schedule control features from the Wallbox app. 

Power output 7.4W
OZEV approvedYes
Solar compatibilityYes
Smartphone appYes – Wallbox app
Power balancingYes 
PEN protectionYes
Best forSpeed and installation cost

Why charge an electric car at home?

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle. Most importantly, electric vehicles offer a much more environmentally friendly method of transportation. 

Designed without exhaust pipes, electric vehicles do not emit harmful gases, helping to reduce air pollution.

Electric vehicles also help drivers save costs. Compared to petrol cars, electric vehicles are much cheaper to run, costing as little as £1.30 to drive 100 miles based on some energy supplier tariffs.

However, one thing that many electric car owners may find is that there are often a lack of public chargers available locally – which is where finding the right home EV charger can help.

If you live in a more rural area especially, it can be difficult to find a convenient local charging station for your EV.

Not only does a home EV charger provide the most convenient charging option, available as and when you need it for daily charging, but they can also help save costs too – with a range of smart charging modes that help you charge your electric vehicle cost-effectively.

Types of EV charger

There’s a huge variety of charging options available. Charger types range from standard chargers to advanced smart chargers, equipped with impressive features to bring a home charging experience that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Most electric car chargers are available with a universal socket, Type 1 or Type 2 connector. Although we would always recommend Type 2 sockets due to most modern electric vehicles opting for their faster charging capabilities, your choice of connector type choice will depend on the amount of power you require to charge your EV. 

Type 1 connectors 

Type 1 connector graphic

Type 1 connectors will provide 3-7 kW of power through a specialised 5-pin plug.

This delivers a faster charging option than a standard 3-pin plug, although is only available as a single-phase charging option and is less commonly compatible with modern electric vehicles.

Type 2 connectors 

Type 2 connector graphic

Type 2 connectors will provide 7-43 kW of power through a 7-pin plug, combined with three-phase power for a faster charge.

These connectors have quickly become the standard option for modern chargers, offering a faster charging solution compared to 5-pin single-phase chargers. Take a look at the Type 2 chargers we install

Universal connectors 

3 pin point socket

Universal connectors will provide 2.3-3 kW through a standard UK 3-pin plug. These are compatible with most electric car models, but are not designed for prolonged use and are very slow at charging.

We would not recommend opting for a universal 3-pin connector, these offer a frustratingly slow charging experience and can drain your household energy consumption. 

Standard chargers

Standard EV chargers offer exactly what you need from a charging device, a reliable and affordable way to charge your electric car at home. With a basic charger, powering up your EV battery is easy, with a simple plug in & charge solution. 

Smart Chargers

Smart EV chargers, on the other hand, can maximise your home charging experience, complete with smart charging features that help you save costs, energy consumption and reduce environmental impacts.

Smart chargers give you full control over your EV charging experience, often controlled remotely through integrated mobile apps. From here, many smart chargers allow you to schedule optimal charging times during off-peak periods where energy tariffs are lower throughout the day. A brilliant way to save on household costs!

Some of our favourite smart chargers include the Zappi 207UB and the Project EV Pro Earth

Tethered or untethered?


Tethered charger graphic

A tethered unit comes with a built-in Type 1 or Type 2 charger cable. This allows you to easily plug your charger straight into your car using a wall connector when you get home. 

Most modern chargers come with a Type 2 cable, although it is best to check its compatibility with your vehicle, as tethered chargers are limited to cars with that connector type.


Untethered charger graphic

An untethered unit comes without a built-in charger cable. This means that you are not limited to one connector type, making connected charging easy for a range of electric vehicles, or if you plan to change your EV in the future. 

This also means you are not limited to one cord length, and can replace any shorter cable with a longer cable depending on your requirements. 

Find out more in our guide to tethered vs untethered EV chargers.

Best home EV chargers for the environment

One of the main reasons most owners buy an electric vehicle is to improve the environment we live in. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that your charger makes an equally positive impact on the environment.

We believe that the best EV home chargers are designed with the environment in mind, not only helping to sustain a happy lifestyle, but a happy planet. It’s what makes electric vehicles so great, and your charger is a key part of this too.

Tested and installed by our EV experts, here are some of the best home EV chargers for environmental features.

EV chargerBest environmental features
Zappi 207UBEco charging modes: Eco and Eco+Solar compatibilityUses surplus energy from your home
Easee OneManufactured sustainablySolar compatabilityOptimise energy usage from smartphone app

Best Home EV Chargers for Charging Speed

Although it is possible to charge your home using a standard 3-pin domestic plug, this is extremely slow, taking over a day for some electric vehicles to charge this way. 

Chargers with Type 2 connectors are the best home EV chargers for speed.

Type 2 chargers and above allow for a stronger power output with a faster charging capacity. This powers up your EV with more miles of range per charging session. Some of our favourite faster charger options include:

EV chargerBest speed features
Andersen A27kW and 22kW option. Although, very few UK homes support a 22kW output.
Ohme Home Pro7.4kW power output, offering slightly faster charging speeds than many 7kW chargers. 

Best Home EV Chargers for Running Costs

When it comes to choosing the best home EV charger, it’s important to consider overall running costs. 

With so many options available, make sure you commit to a charger that powers up your EV without draining your wallet…

It might seem like a wise choice to choose the cheapest EV charger with the lowest installation cost. However, it can often save you more in the long run to install a smart charger with cost-saving features.

And for a unit that you’ll be using over a long period of time, it pays to find the best home EV charger for running costs.

EV chargerBest cost features
Project EV Pro EarthGenerally cheaper installation costs.Cost saving energy usage control.
Hypervolt Home 2.0Control costs with the Hypervolt smartphone app.

UK’s Best Home EV Chargers: Summary

With so many reasons to charge at home, it pays to find the best home EV charger for your lifestyle and requirements. 

There are a tonne of charging options available, offering a range of different speeds and smart charging features to help make electric vehicle life easier, more cost effective and, let’s face it, cooler.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best home EV chargers in the UK market:

Found your dream charger?

Found the best home EV charger for your vehicle? We’d be happy to help you get started. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about home charging or to request a quote.

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