Add some spark to your finances!

Thinking of buying an electric vehicle but are worried about the costs involved? Well worry no more. Joltify is on hand to reveal the incredible hidden financial benefits that come with the purchase of an electric vehicle. And no… it isn’t just the fact that EVs are up to 80% cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Or that some of the newer EV chargers allow you to programme when you want to take electricity from the national grid (Top tip: do it at night!). Or even that some suppliers offer agile pricing allowing your EV to automatically charge during the cheapest periods of the day. It is much much more than this. 

Imagine being able to drive through central London for free…

For the small price of a £10 admin fee you can register for a 100% discount on the congestion charge for your EV. Yes you read that correctly. 100% discount. Which also translates as free! (Just remember to renew your discount each year, otherwise Sadiq will not be happy). This also applies to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which could save you nearly £3000 a year in charges ( no admin fee on this one). Just think, you could show off your new EV to the Queen. 

Well that’s very (Benefit in) Kind of you…

New company car? Check. Big flashy 4×4? Check. Thousands of pounds in tax on Benefit in Kind. CHECK. Well not with an Electric company car… you pay 0% tax on Benefit in Kind on your new environmentally friendly EV. That’ll get the office gossiping. 

3,2,1 let’s all say a big thank you to the UK government…

How does a grant for up to £2500 off the price of an EV sound to you? Pretty good right. How about a further £350 off the cost of installing a home electric charging point? Even better. The UK Government is offering you just that with their fantastic range of grants for EV owners. ORDER! (No really… order an EV now). 

Surely that must be it though? It can’t get much better than this? 

Luckily for you. It does. 

These are just some of the extra financial benefits you get with owning an EV. 

  • Servicing costs are less. No engine you see…
  • Free parking. A number of car parks now offer free parking for EV owners. No more loose change for you my friend. 
  • No road tax. No really – no road tax. 
  • Higher residuals. Increasing interest in EVs means increasing resale values. Although why you would want to sell your fabulous EV we do not know.  

So there you have it. An array of excellent hidden financial benefits of owning an electric vehicle. And with purchase prices decreasing, driving ranges increasing and more charging points available than ever before. Now really is the time to go electric. Oh and just in case this hasn’t given you the Joltify you need (see what we did there), check out our range of amazing home chargers to see how quickly and efficiently you can be on your way!

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