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EV Charger Installation London

We provide a high quality professional and independent EV charger installation service across London, where our friendly and knowledgeable team is always on hand, should you need us. As an OZEV accredited installer, we supply and install a range of the leading manufacturer’s high quality EV chargers, for a large range of EV vehicles so you can find the best charging solution for you and your vehicle.

We’re committed to providing a quality installation as well as staying local and staying 100% accountable for our work. All our installers and engineers are employees and part of the Joltify team making us a reliable service, where site visits are done in person, by us.


Your Local London EV Charger Installers

As experienced EV charger installers in London, we understand the unique challenges of owning an electric vehicle in London and offer a remote home survey so we can find the best EV charging solution for your requirements from the very beginning. As local installers, London and the surrounding area is our home. We are passionate about making home electric vehicle charging more accessible, and in turn making London a greener, healthier place to live. 

We offer our EV charger installation services across Greater London including: Kingston Upon Thames, Epsom an more. As well as across the South East and surrounding areas. Take a look at where else we install. 

EV Chargers We Install

We are proud to supply and install some of the best EV chargers on the market to our customers in London. From leading EV charger manufacturers, our chargers are suitable for all EV and hybrid vehicles.  Our extensive choice of EV chargers includes chargers from brands such as OHME, Wallbox, Project EV and Anderson EV. 

Explore the EV chargers available for installation through Joltify, which are all eligible for the EVHS grant of £350.

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OZEV Approved Installer In London

As an OZEV approved installer, we install your EV charger at your home address in or around the London area. Once you’ve selected your charger, our knowledgeable and experienced installers will arrange a date that works with you where they will survey your home to fit your charger to your requirements and where it works best for you. 

We make your EV home charger installation process as easy as possible, ensuring we offer expert advice and guidance, throughout the whole process. We work to find the best charger for you, from the very beginning, offering remote home surveys. Get your EV home charger experience started with Joltify EV charger installation London.

Get £350 Off Your London EV Charger Installation

Save up to £350 on your London EV charger installation with the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Grant.

We carry out the application process for you, saving you time and effort. With just a few simple details, we apply on your behalf and update you on your eligibility. It’s that easy! Simply request a quote to get started.

Ready to install your home EV charger in London? Let’s power your drive.

What Our Clients Say

Just had an Ohme pro EV charger fitted by Martin. He took great care in making sure the installation was done with minimal effect on my Grade II listed house. Very neat and clean job. We had discussions before the work commenced and Martin was very sympathetic to my requirements. I am glad I chose Joltify to do the work.

Jerome Bertin


I had a great experience with Joltify for installing my EV charger. Experience in dealing with Marin was extremely pleasant right from the time he gave a quote. He even got on a video call to understand the property constraints, gave detailed specifications on preparatory work and on the day of installation, everything went smoothly. Highly recommend Joltify to everyone.



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