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Untethered from £1265

Tethered from £1295

Zappi 2.0

7kW | Type 2 | Tethered or Untethered | 6.5m 

The first ever solar EV charger, with home installation from £1265.

As the world’s first solar compatible EV charger, the Zappi V2 by MyEnergi is one of the most popular home EV chargers. The Zappi 2 offers fast home charging with a Type 2, 7kW power output. This charger also offers three eco smart charging modes that make charging your car more sustainable and affordable.

This Zappi charging unit is available with either an attached cable (tethered), or a cableless socket (untethered) to attach your own charging lead. 

Zappi’s impressive eco charging modes include solar compatibility, using green energy from your home’s solar panels to charge your electric car. Your Zappi charger can also use surplus energy from your home.

This makes the Zappi 2 a great choice for eco-conscious EV owners, providing a greener solution to car charging. Plus, charge your car efficiently by pairing your Zappi charger with the MyEnergi app, where you can set charging times, monitor energy usage and enable economy tariffs.

With a sleek design and an impressive range of charging functions, there’s a reason why this Zappi charger is amongst the UK’s favourite EV charging solutions.

Zappi installers

We are OZEV approved Zappi installers, with full knowledge of the Zappi V2 and range of other popular home charging units. Request a quote for Zappi charger installation today.

Zappi 2 Features

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Zappi 2.0 hosts a range of impressive smart charging features, most notably its efficient ECO modes. There’s a reason why Zappi chargers are amongst the UK’s favourite home EV chargers, with so many user-friendly and environmental features that deliver an intelligent and future-proof charging experience.

  • 7kW power output (single phase)
  • Type 2 connector
  • Tethered (6.5m cable) or untethered

    Smart features

    • Scheduled charging
    • 3 ECO modesECO, ECO+ or FAST.
    • Lockable using the MyEnergi app – pin code protected
    • Cost tracking 
    • Fuse protection
    • Power balancing
    • Built-in RCD protection, PEN conductor and earth fault detection
    • OZEV approved
    • Built-in Wi-fi
    • Wall-mounted

    Colour options: black or white

    Dimensions: 439 x 282 x 122mm

    Zappi EV Charger on wall installation

    Charging Modes

    Zappi 2 has three charging modes: eco, eco plus, and fast mode. With the Zappi EV charger’s optional charging modes, charge your electric vehicle the way you want to. Its three modes let you optimise on costs, energy usage and environmental impact. 

    Eco Mode

    Zappi 2’s eco mode lets you charge your car using a combination of green energy and standard power grid energy. This minimises the amount of grid power usage, prioritising green energy to make your charge more eco friendly and charge with up to 100% green energy. 

    The Zappi 2 eco mode uses intelligent power balancing to automatically adjust its power usage based on the energy being used elsewhere in your home. Save on energy consumption, save on costs and save the planet.

    Eco+ Mode

    Eco+ mode intelligently adjusts the charger’s power output in response to where power is being generated and used elsewhere in your home. With eco+ enabled, your Zappi charger will automatically pause when it detects high levels of energy usage in your home. Zappi will continue to charge once surplus energy is available, diverting your home’s excess electricity into your EV battery.  

    Both of the Zappi V2 eco modes are compatible with PV solar panels.

    Fast Mode

    Don’t have solar panels? No problem. Use your Zappi EV charger in fast mode to charge your electric vehicle in full power. This provides a speedy standard charging option, using grid power to power your vehicle.

    Zappi charger installation

    Get Zappi charger installation from our team of OZEV approved, expert installers. Our Zappi installers make fitting your home charger as simple as possible, offering a pre-installation survey to determine the most convenient way to install your Zappi 2 home charger. Our remote pre-installation surveys help you achieve the best charging experience from the very beginning.

    Our Zappi installers then fit your charger in the best place possible, and are on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout.

    1. Request a quote
    2. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-installation survey
    3. We complete a pre-installation survey
    4. We install your Zappi 2.0 EV charger
    5. Charge smart with your new Zappi charger!

    Find out more about how we install.

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    Scheduled charging

    Charge your electric car exactly when you want to with Zappi 2’s scheduled charging. This lets you charge your car during off-peak energy tariff times, when costs are lowest and when there is less demand on the power grid. This is usually overnight, meaning your car will be ready to drive in the morning.

    Smartphone icon

    Remote access

    Control and monitor your charge from the MyEnergi Hub and smartphone app. This lets you select between Zappi 2’s charging modes, set charging schedules and monitor energy data to help save on costs and conserve energy.

    Earth rod icon

    Installed without an earth rod

    Zappi V2 is designed with PEN-fault technology, eliminating the need for an earth rod. This keeps installation costs low and reduces the amount of time required to install your Zappi charger.

    tick icon

    Easy to use

    Zappi chargers are designed with the user in mind. Zappi 2 comes with a simple user-friendly interface, making it easy and straightforward to charge your car exactly the way you want to. Control your charge using the built in LED display, or control remotely from the MyEnergi smartphone app. The simple solution to intelligent car charging.

    solar power icon

    PV solar charging

    Charge your electric vehicle for free using your home’s built-in solar panel energy. Using 100% PV solar panel power, the Zappi 2 can charge your car without sourcing any energy from the national power grid. Save costs, and the environment.

    assurance icon

    3 year warranty

    Zappi 2.0 is built to last, and has a 3 year product warranty for complete peace of mind.

    Zappi V2 installation with  Joltify

    Accredited Zappi Installer

    We are OZEV approved Zappi installers and provide the best possible EV charger fitting service.
    Carbon Neutral

    The ECO Charger & Installer

    Not only are you choosing an eco-friendly charger with the Zappi, you’re choosing a carbon neutral installer with Joltify.

    All-In-One Cost

    We supply and install your Zappi 2.0 for you, making the process simple and straightforward.
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    Local Zappi installers

    We install Zappi chargers across London, the South East and surrounding areas. To find a Zappi installer near you, take a look at where we install.
    Zappi myEnergi App

    Zappi myenergi app

    Control your Zappi charger remotely with the MyEnergi app. Access your Zappi V2 home charging unit from any location and view your charging information all in one place. 

    The Zappi myenergi app lets you:

    • Set charging schedules – charge during off-peak energy tariff times where energy costs are significantly cheaper.
    • Monitor standard and surplus energy usage to charge more efficiently.
    • Enable and disable charging modes – eco, eco plus and fast mode.

    Our Zappi installers talk you through everything you need to know about using it – including a walkthrough of the myenergi app and its features.

    From there, you’ll have full control over your charging experience, able to monitor and adjust your Zappi’s charging modes on the go. Ready to get started? Simply request an installation quote.

    Get started with your Zappi charger installation

    Get a quick quote and book a home survey with our expert Zappi charger installers.

    OZEV Grants

    Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

    You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, offering you up to £350 off your Zappi charger installation.

    Simply get in touch to find out if you are eligible. From there, we apply for your funding for you.




    Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

    Workplace Charging Scheme

    The Zappi V2 is eligible for the government Workplace Charging Scheme grant, offering up to £350 off each charging socket installation on eligible workplace properties. 

    As OZEV approved installers, we can help you save on installation costs with advice on how to apply and check your eligibility for the Workplace Charging Scheme.




    Workplace Charging Scheme

    Zappi 2 FAQ

    How does a solar EV charger work?

    Zappi solar EV charging works by connecting to your home’s PV solar panels. The power generated from your solar panels is then used to charge your electric vehicle battery at home.

    What is a smart EV charger?

    Smart EV chargers provide a range of intelligent home EV charging features that improve the way you charge your car. Smart features can help you save on costs, energy usage and reduce environmental impact. Myenergi’s Zappi 2.0 is a popular smart charger that rose to fame as the world’s first solar EV charger.

    Can I install my own EV charger?

    Installing your own EV charger is never recommended. The Zappi V2 requires installation from a qualified electrician, such as our installation experts at Joltify. Get in touch with us to arrange your Zappi installation.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Zappi 2

    • Zappi 207UB – 7kW, untethered, black.
    • Zappi 207TB – 7kW, tethered, black.
    • Zappi 207UW – 7kW, untethered, white.
    • Zappi 207TW – 7kW, tethered, white.

    Charging mode: mode 3

    Connector type: type 2

    Power: 7kW

    Rated supply voltage: 230V AC Single Phase

    Protection: IP65 rating

    Operating temperature: -25°C to +40°C

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