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Simpson & Partners

7kW or 22kW | Type 2 Tethered 6.8m or 9.6m options | Untethered Option

The superior & handmade home EV Charger with home installation from £1265.

Introducing the Simpson and Partner’s Home Series, a groundbreaking solution for your electric vehicle charging needs. Unleash the power of solar energy with their universal untethered and tethered solar charger, offering a charging power range from 3.6kW to 22kW.

Choose the flexibility that suits your lifestyle with either their untethered option or opt for the convenience of a tethered version, which comes with a generous 6.8m cable. No matter your preference, the Simpson and Partner’s Home Series ensures seamless compatibility with all hybrid and electric vehicles, making it the perfect charging companion for your eco-friendly journey.

Being smaller than a sheet of A4 paper; the Simpson and Partners charger is sleek and compact in design so it seamlessly integrates into your home, providing a space-efficient solution without compromising on performance. Choose from a stunning array of 107 different color combinations to match your style and elevate the aesthetics of your charging station. Use the handy ‘Charger Configurator’ button to tailor your charger to your exact specifications. 

Crafted with durability in mind, the Home Series boasts a robust metal construction that stands the test of time. No matter the weather conditions, trust in the resilience of our charger to deliver reliable performance year after year.

Embrace the future of energy-efficient transportation with the Simpson and Partner’s Home Series. Elevate your charging experience with a perfect blend of innovation, style, and sustainability. 


EV Charger cable graphicThe Home series is truly customisable with the option of multiple lengths of tethered cable and enhanced features.

Their chargers offer a tailored and effective charging solution with plenty of features that can be controlled by their free smart app. 

  • 3 Model choices – 7kW Basic, 7kW Plus or 22kW Plus
  • 7kW power output (single phase) 22kW power output (3-phase)
  • Tethered or Untethered
  • Type 2 connector – Tethered only
  • 6.8m or 9.6m charging cable – Tethered only
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs
  • 3-year warranty

Smart charging features

The Home 7 gives you full control of your home EV charging experience. Other features include:

  • Scheduled charging
  • Solar Compatible – 7kW Plus/22kW Plus only
  • 107 different colour combinations with wood and metal finishes – 7kW Plus/22kW Plus only
  • Cost tracking 
  • Power balancing
  • Built-in RCD protection, earthing protection built-in (PEN) 
  • Built-in Wi-fi
  • OZEV approved
  • Wall-mounted

286mm x 196mm x 111mm


    INDRA Smart Pro installed on home exterior wall

    The Home series comes in 3 model choices – Home 7, Home 7 Plus and Home 22 Plus.

    Home 7

    Simpson and Partner’s entry-level, single-phase 7kW charger. The Home 7 offers incredible build quality and a range of smart features delivered in a compact, understated design. The Home 7 is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper and comes in 3 colours.  

    Home 7 Plus

    The Home 7 Plus offers everything you get with the Home 7 and a bit more. Solar charge and automatically load balance energy between the charger and your home. And synchronise with agile tariffs and dual tariffs to suit your setup. 107 customise colour choices and finishes from a classic British design palette

    Home 22 Plus

    The most powerful charger in the range, the Home 22 Plus can deliver a 22kW charge when connected to a three-phase power supply. You can also use the charger with a single-phase power supply. All that power is housed in a unit with the same sleek design and compact dimensions as the other chargers in the Simpson & Partner’s Home range.


    Why choose Joltify for your EV charger installation?

    OZEV approved installer

    We are OZEV approved installers, delivering a trusted and expert EV charger installation service. As OZEV approved installers, we check whether you are eligible for OZEV grants on your behalf, saving you time and money.

    All-in-one cost

    We supply and install your charger, keeping costs centralised and simplified. No need to source your charger elsewhere, we handle everything from start to finish.

    Carbon Neutral

    Eco charger installers

    The Home Series offer smart eco charging. Plus, you’re choosing a carbon-neutral installer with Joltify. We only travel to installation sites using electric vehicles to keep our carbon footprint low.

    Simpson and Partners Approved Installers

    We provide expert Home Series installations. As a Simpson and Partner’s Approved Installer, we can install your EV charger to ensure you receive the manufacturer’s guarantee.

    We make the process as straightforward as possible with a step-by-step process:

      1. Request a quote
      2. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-installation survey
      3. We complete a remote pre-installation survey
      4. We install your EV charging unit
      5. Charge smart with your new charger

    We conduct our pre-installation surveys remotely for ultimate convenience. This helps us understand your EV charging requirements and find the best solution for you. Our team work with you to install your unit in the most convenient place possible and advise on how to make the most of its smart technology.

    Get started with EV charger installation today and request a no obligation quote.

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    OZEV Grants

    Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

    You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, offering you up to £350 off your Home Series charger installation. Simply complete our online installation quote form to check your eligibility.

    From there, we apply for your funding for you.




    Find out more

    Workplace Charging Scheme

    Installing a Home Series on a commercial or workplace property? You could be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme grant of up to £350 off each individual charging unit. 




    Workplace Charging Scheme

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