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From £1295

INDRA Smart Pro

7.4kW power output | Type 1 or 2 connector | 5m cable

The UK’s smartest electric vehicle charger, from £1295.

The INDRA Smart Pro EV charger has everything you need to make charging your car cheaper, faster and more convenient.

It’s innovative technology makes it the most feature-rich smart charger on the market. With a huge range of smart features, INDRA Smart Pro delivers the most advanced home EV charging system available on the UK market.

Its cost saving features can automatically charge your electric car during off peak energy periods, or utilise free solar power from your home’s panels. Its boost modes help you charge your car faster, and the INDRA smart app lets you conveniently monitor your charge from your smartphone.

INDRA Smart Pro installation

Get INDRA Smart Pro installation with Joltify. Our OZEV approved installers carry out a pre-installation survey before fitting your home charger to learn more about your car, your home and infrastructure. This helps us install your INDRA Smart Pro quickly on the day. 

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INDRA Smart Pro brings you the very best of smart charging features. From safety, speed, costs, environmental features and more, the Smart Pro EV charger delivers a charging experience that’s ready for anything.

Standard features

  • 7.4kW power output
  • Type 1 or Type 2 tethered connector options 
  • Includes standard 5m cable 

      Smart features

      • Smartphone app control
      • Power load and house fuse protection
      • Automated off-peak charging
      • Remote software updates
      • Safety features – PEN protection, earthing fault protection and additional protective features
      • Charge scheduling
      • Solar charging compatibility
      • Quick boost mode
      • Weather protection
      • Dimensions: 420mm x 200mm x 130mm
      INDRA Smart Pro installed on home exterior wall

      INDRA Smart Pro Installers

      We supply and install your INDRA Smart Pro EV charger, with standard installation starting from £1295.

      Our INDRA installation process is simple and straightforward. We guide you through the process to ensure a quick and cost-effective installation.

      1. Request a quote
      2. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-installation survey
      3. We complete a pre-installation survey
      4. We install your INDRA Smart Pro
      5. Charge smart with your new INDRA Smart Pro!

      After installation, we are on hand to offer expert advice on how to use your Smart Pro. Have a question? Find out more about how we install or get in touch.

      Why choose INDRA Smart Pro?

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      Lower charging costs

      Take advantage of cheaper charging rates with the INDRA Smart Pro EV charger. Its smart features let you charge when your energy supplier’s electricity costs are lowest, and let you charge from your home’s solar panels.

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      More convenience

      Designed for ease and convenience, INDRA Smart Pro makes everyday charging as simple as possible. Easily manage its full range of features from the smartphone app. With a minimalistic design, the charging point requires fewer cables and fuses on the side of your home.

      EV Charger cable graphic

      Faster charging

      With a 7.4kW power output, INDRA Smart Pro is capable of fast charging. Plus, take advantage of the quick boost mode to temporarily charge your vehicle at full power.

      The UK’s smartest EV charger

      Start charging faster, cheaper and more conveniently – with a smart charging feature for every requirement. Explore the INDRA Smart Pro’s full range of features. 

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      Scheduled charging

      INDRA Smart Pro charges your electric car exactly when you want it to. Schedule your charge through the INDRA app to save on energy consumption and costs. Or, let Smart Pro optimise your charge for you with automated smart scheduling – generated based on your charging habits, battery capacity, grid carbon intensity and more.

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      Safety and protection

      The INDRA Smart Pro comes with a host of safety features, with patented PESTs technology that provides PEN fault detection, load curtailment, earthing fault detection, DC leakage curtailment and other safety measures. The Smart Pro by INDRA is the safest EV charger available.

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      Smartphone app control

      Control, monitor and manage your electric car charge with the INDRA smartphone app. See usage data to track your spend, energy consumption, charging history and charging schedules. Easily set your charging preferences, all from your mobile phone.

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      Solar power compatible

      Make the most of free green energy using your home’s solar panel power. The INDRA Smart Pro EV charger is fully solar compatible, allowing you to power your electric car more sustainably with solar electricity.

      INDRA Smart Pro Side Profile

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      Off-peak tariff charging

      INDRA Smart Pro will charge your EV during periods when energy tariffs are at their cheapest. Simply input your energy tariff details into the app and let Smart Pro manage the rest. Your car will only be charged during off-peak, cheaper times. 

      Weather icon

      Weather protection

      The INDRA Smart Pro can be installed indoors in your garage or outdoors on your home’s exterior. No need to worry about rain damage or overheating from the sun, Smart Pro is designed to withstand weather conditions and perform all year round.

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      Quick boost mode

      Quick boost mode lets you temporarily charge your car much faster. INDRA Smart Pro’s Quick boost feature charges your vehicle at full power for a quicker charger. Simply activate the quick boost most from the INDRA app. Perfect for if you are in a hurry!

      Cloud software icon

      Software updates

      Stay up to date with the latest charging technology from INDRA. The Smart Pro by INDRA receives over -the-air continuous updates every time there is a new software development. Always up to date, you’ll always be able to charge smartly.

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      What is smart charging?

      Smart charging is one of the biggest reasons to choose the INDRA Smart Pro as your next EV charger. Smart charging lets you power your electric vehicle intelligently, using features that help you save on costs, schedule charge times and save energy consumption.

      How fast can the INDRA Smart Pro charge?

      The Smart Pro by INDRA provides a 7.4kW single phase power charge. The standard UK home can support no more than 7.4kW of power output, meaning that this charger provides the highest standard of charging speed supported by most UK households.

      The Smart Pro’s 7.4kW power output can fully charge a standard 40kW electric vehicle battery in around 5.5 hours. Read more about how long it takes to charge an electric car.

      INDRA Smart Pro specifications

      Socket type: Type 2 socket with a type 1 or type 2 tethered cable.

      Operating temperature range: -20°C to 50°C

      Operating humidity range: 10% to 85%

      Interface and control: Membrane panel, App

      Cable length: 5m

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