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ICS Home Charger

7.2kW | Type 2 Tethered 5m or Untethered

Simple, affordable EV home chargers with home installation costs from just £945.

The ICS Home Charger is your all-in-one solution for fast, efficient, and convenient electric vehicle charging. Featuring 7.2kW fast AC charging, the ICS can provide up to 30 miles of charging range per hour, ensuring that your electric vehicle is always ready to go when you are. With its built-in RCD protection, its swift installation process and no requirement for an earth rod, the ICS charger can be installed in any home quickly and efficiently. 

The ICS is equipped with automatic fault recovery and through its smartphone app via WiFi or Bluetooth, users can easily monitor and manage their charging sessions from anywhere, while built-in load management ensures that their home’s electrical system is always protected.

The ICSH is compatible with solar and battery storage, allowing you to take full advantage of renewable energy sources and reduce your carbon footprint. The ICSH Home Charger is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make the switch to electric vehicles with a fast, efficient, and convenient home charger.


Why choose Joltify for your EV charger installation?

OZEV approved installer

We are OZEV approved installers, delivering a trusted and expert EV charger installation service. As OZEV approved installers, we check whether you are eligible for OZEV grants on your behalf, saving you time and money.

All-in-one cost

We supply and install your charger, keeping costs centralised and simplified. No need to source your charger elsewhere, we handle everything from start to finish.

Carbon Neutral

Eco charger installers

OHME chargers offer smart eco charging. Plus, you’re choosing a carbon-neutral installer with Joltify. We only travel to installation sites using electric vehicles to keep our carbon footprint low.


EV Charger cable graphicThe ICS range may be modest in looks and cost, but it certainly does not lack in the latest EV home charging technology.

Their chargers offer a simple but effective charging solution with plenty of features that can be controlled by the ICS app. 

  • 7.2kW power output
  • Tethered or Untethered
  • Type 2 connector – Tethered only
  • 5m charging cable – Tethered only
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs
  • 3-year warranty

Smart charging features

ICS gives you full control of your home EV charging experience. Other features include:

  • Fast Charging features (approx. 30 mi/hr)
  • Connect to the ICS Intelligent EV charger app to control & monitor your charge
  • Scheduled charging
  • Solar Compatible 
  • Built-in WiFI and Bluetooth
  • Status LED Strip
  • Cost tracker
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • OZEV approved
  • Wall-mounted
  • Earthing protection built-in (PEN)

208mm x 288mm x 128mm


Ohme Home Pro In Use

Charge smart with the ICS app

The ICS system offers an intelligent and impressive charging experience. Complete with a fully integrated ICS app, control your home charging experience to save on costs and optimise charging speeds.

The ICS charging app provides users of all EVs with an intelligent charge-companion that lets you charge your vehicle more efficiently, wherever you are.

  • Schedule charge times 
  • Monitor costs and energy consumption
  • Start and stop charging sessions remotely

ICS Approved Installers

We provide expert ICS installations. As ICS Approved Installers, we can install your EV charger to ensure you receive the manufacture’s guarantee.

We make the process as straightforward as possible with a step by step process:

    1. Request a quote
    2. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-installation survey
    3. We complete a remote pre-installation survey
    4. We install your EV charging unit
    5. Charge smart with your new charger

We conduct our pre-installation surveys remotely for ultimate convenience. This helps us understand your EV charging requirements and find the best solution for you. Our team work with you to install your ICS unit in the most convenient place possible, and advise on how to make the most of its smart technology.

Get started with ICS EV charger installation today and request a no obligation quote.

Get started with your ICS charger installation

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OZEV Grants

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, offering you up to £350 off your ICS charger installation. Simply complete our online installation quote form to check your eligibility.

From there, we apply for your funding for you.




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Workplace Charging Scheme

Installing ICS chargers on a commercial or workplace property? You could be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme grant of up to £350 off each individual charging unit. 




Workplace Charging Scheme

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