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Hypervolt Home 2.0

7kW | Type 1 or 2 | 5m

The smart EV charger with installation from £1245.

Hypervolt EV chargers bring power to your drive with faster and smarter charging. Complete with a whole range of smart EV charging features, the Hypervolt Home 2.0 delivers a seamless electric car charging experience.

The Hypervolt Home 2.0 comes with a sleek design to enhance your home, available in 3 colour options of white, space grey or black. This powerful charger offers a 7kW power output, capable of fast charging to keep your electric car on the go.

As well as fast charging speeds, the Hypervolt EV charger helps you stay in full control of your charge at all times. Schedule charging times and control costs with the Hypervolt smartphone app, helping you easily monitor your car’s battery level, charge efficiently, and much more.

Hypervolt EV Charger Installation

Get Hypervolt EV charger installation with Joltify. We are OZEV approved Hypervolt installers, fitting your home or business charger where it works for you. Our installers are experts in EV charging, helping you make the most of your Hypervolt charger. Request a quote today.

Hypervolt Home 2.0 Features

EV Charger cable graphic

The Hypervolt Home 2.0 delivers fast charging features with a range of cable length options. The charger is installed with a 5m cable as standard, with longer lengths available. Not only does the Hypervolt Home 2.0 look stunning on the outside, it’s full of smart charging features on the inside. Main features include:

  • 7kW power output
  • Type 1 and Type 2 extension lead options
  • 5m cable included

Other features

Hypervolt brings smart charging to your home, giving full control over your costs, schedules and energy. Other key features include:

  • Smart charging with Hypervolt App
  • Scheduled charging modes
  • Lockable
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Wall-mounted
  • OZEV approved
  • 3 year warranty
  • Cable upgrades: 7.5m and 10m options
  • Colours: Black, White and Space Grey

Dimensions: H328 x W243 x D101mm. Weight: 5.2 Kg

Hypervolt EV Charger in action - BMW i3

Cost-efficient Charge Modes

The smart Hypervolt charger comes complete with intelligent charging modes, using your energy tariff’s cheapest night rates to power up your vehicle the cost-effective way. No need to manually schedule, your Hypervolt Home 2.0 will do all the hard work for you!

Smart Home Integration

Integrate your Hypervolt charger with your smart home devices, compatible with Amazon Alexa. Using your smart home devices, you can monitor your electric vehicle’s charging status, control your costs, and schedule your charge.

Solar Panel Compatability

The Hypervolt Home 2.0 is fully compatible with solar panel energy, bringing charge costs down and helping reduce environmental impacts. Although not to worry if you don’t have solar panels installed! Hypervolt chargers also function as standard home chargers using power grid energy.

Hypervolt EV Installers

Get Hypervolt EV charger installation with Joltify. Our OZEV approved Hypervolt installers make the process as simple as possible. We guide you through the process to ensure a smooth and cost-effective installation.

  1. Request a quote
  2. We’ll be in touch to arrange a pre-installation survey
  3. We complete a pre-installation survey
  4. We install your Hypervolt Home 2.0
  5. Charge smart with your new Hypervolt!

Once installed, we are also here to offer expert advice on how to make the most of your Hypervolt charging experience. From optimising charge costs, scheduling charge times and more.

Find out more about how we install.

Wifi icon

Wifi Enabled

Seamless connectivity for fully intelligent charging. All at no extra cost.

Earth rod icon

Installed Without
An Earth Rod

Designed with PEN protection, there’s no need to install with an earth rod. Faster, cheaper, smarter!

money icon

Energy Tariff Optimisation

Save on costs. The Hypervolt Home 2.0 charges using cheaper night time energy rates.


Cloud software icon

Free Software Updates

Stay up to date with the latest charging technology from Hypervolt. Get free wireless software updates.

Colour Options

The Hypervolt 2.0 is available in a selection of sleek colour options, each designed to give your Hypervolt charger an elegant touch. Add style and sophistication to your home, with a design that perfectly matches your exterior and vehicle.

Choose from 3 colour options: white, black, or space grey.

However you decide, the Hypervolt charger looks great on any home, and with any electric car.

Hypervolt Home 2.0 installation with Joltify

Approved Hypervolt Installers

We are OZEV approved Hypervolt installers, providing the best possible service to help you get started with EV charging.

Expert Knowledge

Our Hypervolt Home 2.0 installation team help you learn how to use your charger. As well as how to save costs with smart features.

All-In-One Cost

We provide full quotes before installation. No nasty surprises. We advise on grants to help lower your Hypervolt installation cost.
Carbon Neutral

ECO Hypervolt EV Installers

Not only are you choosing an eco charger with Hypervolt, you’re choosing a carbon neutral installer with Joltify.

Hypervolt EV Charging App

Hypervolt App: Charge Smart

Download the free Hypervolt app for full control of your Hypervolt home charger. From scheduling charge times to optimising costs, using the Hypervolt app is the smart way to charge. 

Charging analytics – monitor in real-time

Scheduled charging

Solar charging control

Device locking and unlocking

Get Hypervolt EV charger installation

Get a quick quote from our expert Hypervolt charger installers.

OZEV Grants

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, offering you up to £350 off your Hypervolt charger installation. Simply complete our online installation quote form to check your eligibility.

From there, we apply for your funding for you.




Find out more

Workplace Charging Scheme

Installing Hypervolt Home 2.0 on a commercial or workplace property? You could be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme grant of up to £350 off each individual charging unit. 




Workplace Charging Scheme

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