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EO Mini Pro 3 Charger

EV Charger and Installation

7.2 kW | Type 2 Tethered 5m or Untethered

One of the world’s smallest but smartest innovative EV chargers, with installation from £1345. 

EO builds intelligent EV charging solutions for both homes and businesses and is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. On a mission to become the global leader in EV charging, EO offers a vision for EV charging of the future, designing smart charging solutions fit for years to come. 

The EO Mini Pro 3 EV charger is the latest unit from EO, which has been built for those looking for a compact, smaller charger for everyday use. The EO Mini Pro 3 may be the size of an A5 notebook, but it certainly is not lacking in functionality and power. 

Control your charging technology from the comfort of your smartphone. The EO smart home app does what it says, offering a smart and efficient charge, where you can monitor, manage and schedule your charging all from the app to ensure cost-effective charging. You can also be sure to keep your charger and home safe, with the built-in power balancing to avoid overloading your electrical supply and lockable feature.

Looking for that extra eco-friendly charge? The innovative EO Mini Pro 3 comes with an optional solar charging functionality so that you can power your car with green energy. With a 7.2kW power capability, this powerful little charger is ideal for all-electric and hybrid vehicles.


EV Charger cable graphicThe EO Mini Pro, offers a discreet, compact charging system that what it lacks in size, does not sacrifice in power and functionality. Same size as a A5 notebook, the impressive EO mini pro charger is incredibly reliable and always keeps you connected.

  • 7.2 kW power output 
  • Tethered or Untethered
  • Type 2 connector – Tethered only
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs
  • 3-year warranty

Smart charging features

EO gives you full smart control of your charger. Other features include:

  • Connect to the EO Smart Home app to monitor and control your smart charger and technology
  • 22 kW power output option for 3-phase.
  • Schedule charging
  • Wi-Fi, hardwired or bluetooth enabled. 4G option available as extra.
  • Cost tracking
  • Load management
  • Lockable
  • OZEV approved
  • Compact in size 
  • Solar charging capabilities – optional extra
  • Wall-mounted with rear entry option
  • Earthing protection built-in (PEN)
  • Black Colour design – Customer colours coming soon

Dimensions: 230mm x 151mm x 125mm

Weight: Approx 3kg

Impossibly Small

The EO Mini Pro 3 is one of the world’s smallest EV chargers. But what it lacks in size, it certainly doesn’t lack in performance. Complete with impressive smart home charging features, the EO Mini Pro 3 is designed to make charging as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Efficient Energy

The EO Mini Pro 3 provides single-phase energy up to 7.2kW. The EO can automatically charge your car more efficiently, with features that adjust the maximum charging current to ensure you are only using lower-rated energy supplies.

Clearline EV

This EO Mini Pro model has been specifically designed for Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion system. As solar power is becoming more popular and the requirement for any new build with off-street parking to be fitted with an EV charger, the Clearline EV really fits the bill. Add to this its simple installation and discreet kerb appeal, and Clearline EV is the perfect solution for housebuilders building to the new regulations and residential properties with solar built in.

For homes equipped with solar panels, Clearline EV monitors the amount of surplus solar power being generated. Powered by EO, customers can set the charging rate to track the surplus solar power in the EO app. In this mode Clearline EV will control the charging rate to follow surplus solar generation between a maximum of 7kW and a minimum of 1.4kW, ensuring that the customer’s car is filled up with clean, free solar energy.

With Active Load Management included as a standard option, Clearline EV monitors the electrical current flowing into the building and adjusts its charging rate to keep the total current below a set maximum value, protecting electrical circuits in the building.

EO Mini Pro 2 Home Charging App in Hand.jpg

The EO Smart Home Charge App

Monitor, manage and control your EO Mini Pro with the EO Smart Home Charge app, available on iOS and android. Easy to use and set up, the app offers a sleek approach to modern EV charging. Once your charger has been installed our EV charger installers will make sure you’re ready to go with the app and know how to use it before they leave, putting you in charge, from the beginning.

Get Insights Into Your Charge

The EO Home Charge app, monitors and reports on your energy consumption so you can track and change how you charge your EV at any time. Save money by charging when you need it and benefit from off-peak charging tariffs. 

Control Your Charge

Start, stop and schedule your charging all from the app. Specify exactly when you need your car to be fully charged and your max charge rate. The app can also notify you when a charge is complete and how your car is charging. 


Accredited EO Charger Installer

We are OZEV approved and provide the highest quality EO Mini Pro EV Charger installation service & experience.

Easy Home Charging

The EO Mini Pro chargers are designed to make EV charging simple & efficient, all from your phone.

All-In-One Cost

As a certified supplier and installer, you also get installation included when you buy your EO EV charger with us.

Carbon Neutral

The ECO Way to Charge

Not only are EO EV chargers ECO friendly, but Joltify is an ECO-friendly company being carbon-neutral installer.

Why choose Joltify for your EO Mini Pro charger installation?

OZEV approved installer

We are OZEV approved installers, delivering a trusted and expert EV charger installation service. As OZEV approved installers, we check whether you are eligible for OZEV grants on your behalf, saving you time and money.

All-in-one cost

We supply and install your charger, keeping costs centralised and simplified. No need to source your charger elsewhere, we handle everything from start to finish.

Carbon Neutral

Eco charger installers

EO chargers offer smart eco charging. Plus, you’re choosing a carbon-neutral installer with Joltify. We only travel to installation sites using electric vehicles to keep our carbon footprint low.

EO EV Charger Installation

As an OZEV approved and accredited installer, we provide expert EO Mini Pro 3 installation wherever you need it, at your home or business address. Our experienced installers will arrange a date that works with you where they will survey where you need your EO charger to be able to fit it where it works best for you. 

We work to make your EO home charger installation process as easy as possible, from the very beginning, offering expert advice, to remote home surveys, and offering support during and after installation. Get your EV home charger experience started with an EO Mini Pro 3 installation.

Your local EO Mini Pro 3 installers

We install EO EV chargers across London, Surrey, the South East, and surrounding areas. To locate your nearest EO EV installer, take a look at where we install.

Get £350 off your EO charger

You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which provides you up to £350 off your EO home charger installation. Simply complete our online installation quote form to check your eligibility. From there, after your charger has been installed, we’ll apply for your funding.

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