Attract EV drivers with commercial charging solutions.

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Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Get commercial EV charging installation from our expert team at Joltify. We help you deliver the right EV charging solution for your customers, with a range of charging station options available to suit your business, workforce and customer needs.

We truly understand EV charging for business, providing expert advice on the most cost-efficient commercial charging technology and your business energy goals.

We install commercial EV charging stations in the most convenient place possible for you and your customers, integrating a dedicated EV Zone for your property. The result, a future proof solution to attracting EV driving customers.

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The Benefits of EV Charging for Business

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Attract EV Driving Customers

As electric vehicles become more and more popular, give customers and staff a place to charge with commercial EV charging. Providing commercial EV charging solutions can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, with an experience that has been created specifically for their electric car charging needs.

We install a range of reliable and easy-to-use commercial charge points, helping you attract and retain EV driving customers with future-proof charging solutions.

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Increase Revenue

Commercial EV charging not only provides your customers with a reliable way to charge their car as they shop, EV charging for business can also generate additional revenue. 

Create a destination that your customers visit time and time again with a reliable EV charging area. Plus, simply set your own tariff and billing options per kWh/hr session.

Commercial EV Chargers

We supply and install a collection of EV charging stations specifically approved for commercial properties. Our commercial charging stations are WCS approved and manufactured by the UK’s leading EV charging brands, with engineering and technology that your customers can count on. 

Choose from a range of fast and rapid chargers for your business across our product range.

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Create a high end experience for customers and guests with the impressive Andersen A2. Designed to combine style and technology for smart commercial EV charging.

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Power up your commercial property with the EO Mini Pro 2. Bringing your customers EV power with an impressively compact design. Available in a range of colours.

Hypervolt Home 2.0 Black


Explore the power of Hypervolt. Made to provide your customers and guests with fast charging solutions, with a range of colours to choose from. Discover Hypervolt.


Quick and easy to install, the Easee charger makes commercial charging, well, easy. This sleek charger adapts seamlessly to all vehicles, power supplies and mains. Discover Easee.

Zappi 207UB - EV Charger


Offload your business’s carbon footprint with Zappi’s fantastic eco charging features. Perfect for attracting the eco-conscious consumer and running your business responsibly.

Ohme Home Pro Charger closeup


Compact, smart and efficient. Ohme chargers offer a great range of features for full control of your commercial EV charging. All controlled through a smart mobile app. Discover Ohme.

Wallbox EV charger


Simple but powerful, Wallbox EV chargers provide your customers with the perfect plug-in-and-shop solution as they enjoy your facilities. Enjoy quality design and powerful charging.

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Aren’t sure which charger is best for your business charging requirements? There are a huge range of business EV charging features to choose from that we can advise on. Get in touch.

Get commercial EV charger installation with Joltify

Why Choose Joltify for Commercial EV Charging?

At Joltify, we are experts in commercial charging. As an independent, authorised installer, we help get your business EV ready with a complete charging solution. We install commercial EV chargers across a variety of property types, from shopping centres, car parks, libraries, schools, leisure centres, apartment properties and many more. 

No matter your business or facility, we help you power up your premises with electric car charging points. We are on hand to offer expert advice on the best business chargers, and help you optimise your energy costs. We can help advise on the best EV chargers for customers, and the best way to implement workplace EV charging for employees.

With extensive knowledge across a whole range of commercial car chargers, we help you facilitate your sustainability goals with the technology to take you there. You’ll have full transparency throughout, with CAD drawings and detailed works provided prior to the installation.

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Universal Charging

Welcome all customers with universal charging. Our commercial EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles.

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Increase your EV charge offering as and when you expand, with a fully flexible installation service from Joltify.

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Carbon Neutral Installer

Offset your carbon emissions, not only with a commercial EV charging system, but with a carbon neutral charge point installer.

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Evolve Your Business

Adapt your business to the growing adoption of electric vehicles and attract more customers.

Workplace Charging Scheme

Save on installation costs with the Workplace Charging Scheme, offering up to £350 off the cost of a charging socket. Find out more about your eligibility for the workplace EV charging government grant and see if you can save on commercial installation costs.

Get in touch with us to find out more about your eligibility.

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How much does it cost to install a commercial EV charging station?

Installation costs can range depending on the type of business charger model you choose, and the number of electric car charging stations you require for your commercial property. The cost will also vary depending on the kind of smart charging technology and features you wish to install. Installation specifics such as digging and cabling are also considered.

You may also be eligible for the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme grant, offering up to £350 of funding per charger socket. The WCS rules change from March 31st 2022, find out how you might be eligible for workplace EV charging in our guide to the WCS rule changes.

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Are EV charging stations profitable?

EV charging for business can be profitable in many ways. With commercial EV charging stations, your property becomes available to a growing audience of EV drivers who may otherwise visit elsewhere if a charge point is not available. 

Additionally, commercial EV charging can increase profits from the revenue earned from the stations themselves, depending on the kind of tariff and charging plan you set up.

Workplace EV charging is also a great way to ensure staff have a place to charge their car at work. This can increase staff retention and acquisition.

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