It’s a very exciting time for the electric vehicle industry – we’re seeing the popularity of EVs explode, from chauffeur enterprises to buses. With the government outlining a plan to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, EV is certain to be the future of transportation. Businesses see this transition coming, and more look to future-proof their enterprise through the installation of EV charging stations.

The exterior of Gerrard Chauffeur Drive, where we installed a new set of EV chargers

Gerrard Chauffeur Drive

Gerrard Chauffeur Drive is a Wimbledon-based business that provides bespoke chauffeur services to the corporate elite. Looking to make a complete green transition soon, they tasked Joltify with installing a series of new EV chargers for their upcoming fleet of electric vehicles. It was the right time to start the process – not just because new cars were set to be exclusively electric within ten years, but also because there are numerous government grants in place to take advantage of.

We discussed with Gerrard’s what kind of charging capacity they were looking for, and recommended the best EV charger model to suit their needs. Once this had been confirmed, we arranged a date to visit their garage and get the chargers installed.

The interior of Gerrard Chauffeur Drive, where Scott poses alongside the equipment he is using to install EV chargers

The Set Up

Gerrard Chauffeur Drive chose to have us install a total of twelve charge points – four to be connected immediately alongside eight dummies. The dummy units are an aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive placeholder. They also have wiring in place that makes it easy to connect new charge points when they’re needed.  

The property had 2 separate distribution boards which we utilised by spreading the charge points evenly between them. In addition, the system had load balancing which means the power usage is managed dynamically to charge the cars more efficiently. 

From each distribution board, we neatly routed the cables up to the ceiling, from which they connect to the chargers. We used lined clips to keep the cabling neat and in place. These clips are much better than alternatives as they become almost invisible and make for a far sleeker look.

The finished installed EV chargers alongside some of Gerrard Chauffeur Drive's fleet


The government grants available mean that it’s the perfect time to upgrade a fleet to EV. Thanks to the OZEV grant, Gerrard’s were able to save £350 off of each charger they had installed. Even more, they were able to take advantage of the infrastructure grant, which saved them £500 more for each charge point and future chargepoint – totalling £6000. These savings make for a fantastic incentive for any business to make a green transition.

We’re delighted with the results of the installation we conducted for Gerrard Chauffeur Drive, and hope their new charge points continue to serve them well into the future.