EV charging solutions for residential buildings. We work with property managers to install EV chargers in residential parking areas.

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Apartment EV charger installation

The world is quickly turning to electric vehicles, and the apartment property sector will play a central role in providing the supportive infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.

We provide EV charging for apartments and flats, installing a range of electric vehicle chargers suitable for shared parking spaces. Our apartment EV charging solutions are suitable for multiple driver use, with chargers that are compatible with all plug-in vehicles.

We partner with landlords and property managers to install suitable EV charging solutions for private residence parking bays. Speak to our team to get started.

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Benefits of EV chargers

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Increase demand

As electric vehicle ownership becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to ensure that properties support the needs of EV drivers with charging capabilities in their residence.

With dedicated apartment EV charging units, drivers can charge their cars whenever they need to. This is a major attraction point and deciding factor for your building’s prospective residents who own an electric vehicle. Apartment EV charging opens up your property to a completely untapped market.

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Additional revenue streams

EV chargers on your apartment property can provide additional revenue streams.

Set charging costs and manage who has access to your chargepoints. We manage your charging systems remotely, with a full overview of charging sessions and pricing.

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Increase property value

Installing EV charging units can increase your apartment property value, as well as enhancing your sustainability and reputation as a landlord.

The future is fully electric, and EV charging is the way forward.

Why choose Joltify?

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Certified charger installers

We take care of your EV charger installation from start to finish, talking you through the most cost effective and practical ways to install chargepoints as a landlord or property manager. From pre-installation advice, to installation and government grant guidance, we are on hand to help. 

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EV charging management

Once your apartment EV chargers are installed, we manage your charging systems for you. We work with property owners to set charging costs, schedules and access – keeping you in control of your EV charging systems at all times.

Apartment EV chargers we install



Easee Charge allows for multiple units to work alongside each other, ideal for apartment EV charging across multiple parking bays. Quick and easy to install, the Easee charger makes large scale charging, well, easy. This sleek charger adapts seamlessly to supplies and mains allowing 101 units to be installed on one circuit.

Power output: 7kW or 22kW
Smart charging
OZEV Approved

How it works

1. Tell us about your requirements

Our installation team listen to your requirements and explain the costs. Get started by telling us about what you need in our online contact form.

Or, get in touch with us at 0208 064 1974 or sales@joltify.co.uk.

2. Site assessment

We begin by assessing the property, looking at how many charge points are needed, installation requirements, groundworks requirements and estimated costs. From this, we then provide an installation quote. 

3. Your EV charging plan

We put together an installation and management plan to help property owners get started with apartment EV charging.

Our team can attend residents association meetings or annual general meetings to explain the installation process, costs and how to use chargepoints.

4. Installation

Our team of expert EV charger installers will fit and set up your apartment charging units on site. We manage every step of the installation process, from supplying chargers, to groundworks and infrastructure support. 

5. Ongoing management

We continue to manage the building’s EV charging systems for you using remote management software. Manage access to your building’s chargepoints with secure RFID tags, meaning only permitted building residents can use the chargers.

Stay in control of when, and what your chargers cost.

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Save money with OZEV residential building grants

The government’s Office of Zero Emission Vehicles has announced it is helping property owners with the costs of installing EV charging stations. The scheme offers installation funding support up to £850 per parking bay for eligible properties, and up to £500 towards infrastructure support costs. 

The scheme offers a maximum grant of £30,000, and a maximum of 30 yearly applications per applicant. 

If you own a residential apartment building with private parking, we can help you claim funding towards EV charger installation. You can benefit if you are a property owner or developer building new flats, simply contact us to get started.



Does the property need private parking?

Yes. To install EV chargers at an apartment or flat building, the property will require a private parking area. Additionally, OZEV grants are only eligible for properties with off-street, private parking.

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